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Activation error codes

If you receive one of the following error codes, try restarting the software, and/or your computer, check your internet connection is stable, and activate again.
If the same error message occurs, despite trying this or the suggestions (in the case of some errors below), open a help request with the Support team.

Error Code #1- License manager failed to initialize.

One possible reason for this is your clock may have been modified or changed. Make sure that your clock is reading the correct time and has not been set back. If that doesn't help try to reinstall Serato DJ Pro making sure you are logged in as the computer administrator.

Error Code #4 - The license ID does not match the current machine.

You may have reached your maximum activations. If you have used Serato DJ Pro on previous computers, make sure you have deactivated them before trying to activate again, or your computer hardware has been changed since first activating your license e.g. BIOS, motherboard or hard drive.
This can also appear if you reinstall your computer operating system.
Either deactivate an activation from My Account, log out, and log back in to Serato DJ Pro, or remove your local license files via our Error Code #4 article.

Error Code #5 - The license content is invalid.

Your license may have been corrupted. Try to log out, and log back in to Serato DJ Pro.

Error Code #6 - The version in the license does not match the product version.

This may occur if moving between a public release and BETA version of Serato DJ Pro, but usually, or otherwise, is unexpected.

Error Code #7 - The computer clock is incorrect

Update to Serato DJ Pro or Lite 3.1.3 or later.

If using an earlier version of either software, please check the clock is set correctly for your time zone on your computer and retry activation. 
If that doesn't help, try to reinstall Serato DJ Pro, making sure you are logged in as the computer administrator.