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Error Code #4

My licence hasn't been able to activate, and I just see Error Code #4. What can I do to fix this?

There's a couple of scenarios that can cause this specific issue.

  • Your licence has been activated on the maximum (2) number of allowed computers.

For example, if you already have 2 computers, both with Serato DJ Pro licences activated, these will be using up the activations. You will need to log into your account, within the My Serato window, and deactivate the licences on this computer.


You may have also been using a friends computer, or had licences active on a computer that you've now sold. If you reach out to the person who has that computer, you may be able to work together to deactivate your licence on that computer.

Once you've removed the 2 activations of your licence, and logged in with the correct account on the computer in question, you should find that the Serato DJ Pro licences can now be activated.

  • You've changed the hardware of your computer.

If you've activated a Serato DJ Pro licence or trial on your computer, and then swapped out the hard drive, or updated your BIOS for example, this changes the Host ID of your computer. This means that the licence won't remain activated on your computer.

If this is the case, you will need to reach out to our support team, and let them know that you're facing this issue.