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How do I activate my Expansion Packs in Serato DJ Pro?

NOTE: If you have a purchased a voucher code, you will need to add your voucher code to your account first, here's how to do this: How to activate Serato DJ Pro or add a Serato DJ Pro license, using a voucher code

1. Make sure you are running the latest version of Serato DJ Pro. Connect your supported Serato Pro or Lite hardware unlocked device (if using a Serato DJ Lite hardware unlocked device, ensure your Serato DJ Pro license has been activated).

2. Click MY SERATO from the top right-hand corner of Serato DJ Pro, then from the pop-up window, choose EXPANSION PACKS & ACTIVATIONS;


3. Log into 'MY SERATO' using your email address and password.


4. If you've not yet purchased the Expansion packs, they'll appear under the Expansion Packs tab in the MY SERATO window, available for purchase.
Otherwise you can activate your Expansion Packs under the MY PRODUCTS tab;


If you have activated a DVS license

If you have activated a DVS license (or Club Kit license), you will need to complete a few extra steps to set up your particular device. Follow the steps here:

If you have any issues activating...

If you are having any issues activating products inside Serato DJ Pro, contact the Serato Support team by opening a help request here.