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Activate Serato DJ Pro

If you have purchased a Serato DJ Pro or Expansion pack license, follow these instructions to complete the activation:

  1. Open Serato DJ Pro.
  2. Click on the ‘My Account’ drop-down near the top right of the Serato DJ Pro interface, then click ‘Login’:
  3. Once you’re redirected to, use your account details to finish the login process - then click ‘Sign in’. If you’re already signed in to, you’ll be prompted to confirm the currently signed-in user is correct - to which you can click ‘Continue’, or ‘Change user’ to change to a different account.
    Once sign-in in your browser is complete, confirm the dialog box that appears in your browser window, that Serato DJ Pro is authorised to use these login credentials.
    NOTE: On some web browsers the dialog box to allow access to your account, and return you to Serato DJ Pro, may differ from what is picturedunnamed__1_.gif
  4. Back in the Serato DJ Pro app, note the ‘License Active’ pop-up in the bottom right-hand corner of the application, to confirm activation has been successful, and click ‘Ok’ to dismiss the notificationunnamed.gif

If you receive an error code in step 4, please open a help request here, providing as much detail as possible, including the email you purchased the license with, and the error code or any information you received.