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KNOWN ISSUE: Serato DJ Pro or Lite may not output audio or may fail to connect to certain hardware on some Windows 10 or 11 computers, without microphone access

We are aware of lack of microphone access, that can result in a no audio output when Serato DJ Pro or Serato DJ Lite are used without hardware connected (offline, Practice, and Play modes), or alternatively may result in a failed connection even when hardware is connected - both on Windows 10 & 11 operating systems

  • In the case of no audio output, it's likely that you will see the software master output light up and virtual decks spin, but no actual audio output can be heard, and this usually happens as soon as the application is launched.
  • In the case of hardware not connecting, you may see a Connection Error pop-up notification, with a Troubleshoot button that leads to our  Windows connection - Check the default audio playback device article. Even after following the steps in that article carefully & ensuring all relevant drivers are installed, you may find that your Serato hardware still doesn't connect to Serato DJ Pro or Lite, and the pop-up notification continues to appear even after relaunching the software or reconnecting your Serato hardware..
    NOTE: There are still circumstances where connection may fail with your Serato hardware. If the steps below don't resolve your issue, please work your way through the Troubleshooting Connection Issues on Windows guide.


This can affect Windows 10 & 11 users, and occurs with Serato DJ Pro 2.6.0 or Serato DJ Lite 1.6.0 or higher, when the applications are unable to access your built-in microphone.


Use the following workaround, which should resolve the issue;

  1. Click the Start button, then type "Microphone privacy settings"
  2. Click on the Microphone Privacy settings app result
  3. Enable Allow apps to access your microphoneinline42829005.png
  4. Scroll further down the page, and enable Allow desktop apps to access your microphone
  5. Finally, it's highly recommended that you restart Serato DJ Pro or Lite if you already had them open/hadn't closed them after making the required changes above.