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Windows connection - Check the default audio playback device

When you connect your hardware to your Windows computer, your operating system may secure your hardware as the default soundcard for playback and recording in Windows. If this happens, Serato software will not be able to access your hardware's soundcard and therefore will not connect.

If you are using a Windows computer with supported hardware and your hardware doesn't connect, you should:

• Close all applications
• Navigate to 'Control Panel' > 'Sound'
• Select your computer's internal soundcard or speakers as the default Playback device
• Select your computer's internal soundcard or microphone as the default Recording device
• Check the Communications tab to see if you need to set the internal soundcard as the default device. (this is not always necessary, as with some Windows versions there is no option to set a device in this tab)
• Open your Serato software and try to connect your hardware