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How to activate Serato DJ Pro using a voucher code

Follow the steps below to activate Serato DJ Pro, or add a Serato DJ Pro expansion pack, using a voucher code

  1. Download and install the latest version of Serato DJ Pro, here
  2. Open Serato DJ Pro, then click the 'My Serato' button in the top right-hand corner, to launch the My Serato window
  3. Log-in using your existing account details, or enter an email address that is not yet associated with a account (and follow the steps to create an account)
  4. Click 'ENTER VOUCHER CODE' as per the screenshot below:
  5. Enter your code and click 'ACTIVATE', to associate & activate your Serato license with aforementioned account:

Once the license from the voucher code has been redeemed, the license gets linked to the user account used. At this point the voucher code is no longer required, as the license it contained is now managed by the user account that redeemed the voucher code.

NOTE: You can keep the voucher for your records, but using the voucher again will result in a  "INVALID VOUCHER" message.