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Removing .serato-stems files in Serato Studio

Serato Stems is now available in Serato Studio 2.0 and above, allowing you to utilize real-time audio separation in your projects, in Sample Decks or Audio Tracks.

Read more about using Stems in Studio, in the Misc : Stems section of the user manual.

If you're a heavy user of Stems, you may have noticed it uses up more storage on your computer, particularly if you have multiple Sample Decks or Audio Tracks in multiple projects, each with extensive usage of Stems.

If you've completed projects, or you just want to reclaim some of that storage space, even temporarily, you may like to remove the associated .serato-stems files from your computer. If you ever need to use Stems in those assets again, you can simply re-load the project, and trigger the Stems controls to initialize and re-create the .stem files for the respective samples in your projects.

Deleting .serato-stems files

  1. Open Serato Studio, and navigate to the audio file in your library you've used with Stems:mceclip1.png
  2. Press control + R (Windows) or command + R (macOS) on your keyboard, to reveal the location of the file in Windows' Explorer (pictured) or macOS' Finder:mceclip0.png
  3. Select the corresponding .serato-stems file in the directory of the original audio file, and delete it