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MIDI mapping Stems with Serato DJ Pro

If your Serato DJ-compatible hardware does not support control of Stems using the Replace Pad mode with Stems preference in Serato DJ Pro, as per the Serato Stems hardware compatibility list for Serato DJ Pro & Lite, you can still MIDI map Stems functions yourself, using Serato DJ Pro's MIDI learn function.

You can also use the steps below to MIDI map Stems controls with your Serato Official Accessory or third-party MIDI device, when used in conjunction with your Serato primary hardware.

Read on to find specific instructions for MIDI mapping these features in Serato DJ Pro, or check-out our MIDI mapping with Serato DJ Pro article for more general information on MIDI mapping.

How to MIDI map Stems controls in Serato DJ Pro

The example below details how to map the Melody Stem pad, but you can use the same steps to map any of the other Stems controls in the main user interface

  1. Connect your Serato DJ-compatible hardware (and your Serato Official Accessory/third-party MIDI device, if you're using one), and then launch the latest version of Serato DJ Pro
  2. Ensure your MIDI device is enabled for hardware mapping, by navigating to Setup > MIDI > MIDI Devices, and enable either the Allow Serato Hardware Remapping or Enable MIDI Device checkbox:
  3. Head back to the main Serato DJ Pro interface, and toggle the Stems Tab
  4. Now click the MIDI toggle near the top of the screen, click once on the Melody Stem pad, then when prompted to Press or move the midi control you wish to assign, press the hardware control you wish to use to map to that Stems control
  5. Repeat the steps above to map as many other Stems controls as necessary, and click the MIDI toggle near the top of the Serato DJ Pro interface to end mapping