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Controlling Stems with your DJ hardware

Controlling Stems in Serato DJ Pro is intuitive and much like using other Performance Pad modes with your Serato DJ hardware.

Designated Serato DJ Pro compatible hardware achieves this by replacing an existing Performance Pad mode, using the Replace Pad mode with Stems preference.

NOTE: Your Serato DJ hardware must be specifically supported in order to use this option. Please check our Serato Stems hardware compatibility list for DJ Pro & Lite article for a complete list of devices that support the Replace Pad mode with Stems preference.

Additionally, nearly all Serato DJ compatible hardware is capable of being able to MIDI map Stems controls too.
See the MIDI mapping Stems with Serato DJ Pro article for more information.

Download the latest version of Serato DJ Pro to ensure the widest device compatibility.

Replace Pad mode with Stems

  1. Connect your designated, Serato DJ compatible hardware, then turn on the Replace Pad mode with Stems preference under Setup > DJ Preferences, and finally choose a Pad mode to replace, in the Pad Mode drop-down:
  2. Now toggle the Performance Pad mode you replaced above using your Serato compatible hardware, and that Performance Pad mode will now control the pads in the Stems Tab.
    Controls are as follows:
  • Pad 1: Vocal Stem pad
  • Pad 2: Melody Stem pad
  • Pad 3: Bass Stem pad
  • Pad 4: Drums Stem pad
  • Pad 5: FX Vocal Echo pad
  • Pad 6: FX Instrumental Echo pad
  • Pad 7: FX Instrumental Braker pad
  • Pad 8: FX Drums Echo pad
  • Left Parameter (where available): Acapella
  • Right Parameter (where available): Instrumental
  • Shift + Left Parameter (where available): Select 1/2 beat value for FX Vocal/Instrument/Drums Echo pads
  • Shift + Right Parameter (where available): Select 1 beat value for FX Vocal/Instrument/Drums Echo pads