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KNOWN ISSUE: Some Serato Sample parameters may not respond to user interaction in Ableton Live on Apple Silicon (M1/M2) computers

We are aware of an issue whereby Serato Sample UI parameters (like attack, release, level, or filter, for example), may not respond to user interaction if used with Ableton Live on macOS computers that use Apple Silicon (M1, M2 and any variants)

Modifying some parameters in Serato Sample will not be possible when the conditions above are met. This issue occurs due to Serato Sample running 'out of process', when using an Ableton Live build that runs natively on Apple Silicon computers.


The issue above affects Serato Sample 1.4.0 and earlier.

As of Serato Sample 1.4.1, you can now run the plugin natively, without having to use the Rosetta emulation layer. Please update to the latest version, or find out more in our Serato Sample 1.4.1 - now with Apple Silicon support (M1/M2) article.