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KNOWN ISSUE: Pioneer DJ devices on macOS may result in loss of audio output with Serato DJ Pro when third-party applications are opened or interacted with

We are aware of an issue that can cause a loss of audio output when using some Pioneer DJ devices on macOS, with Serato DJ Pro, if application focus is changed to another application such as a Web browser (like Google Chrome, or Apple Safari), or to a macOS utility (like Spotlight search), during use

UPDATE: This issue has been resolved with new drivers available from Pioneer DJ. Please read the description of the issue below, then proceed to the RESOLUTION section to find out how to install the updated driver.

The issue will not cause your device to disconnect from Serato DJ Pro, and the GUI (graphical user interface), will not indicate any issue. In the software you will notice both virtual decks continue to spin, software level meters continue to recognize signal, and even the software master meter may continue to display signal.

However your Pioneer DJ hardware will not show any signal via it's respective channel meters or master meter - despite channel & crossfader, channel gain/trim, and master output controls being set correctly.

Most critically, no audio output can be heard in either the headphone or master output from the connected Pioneer DJ device. 


The issue affects users on macOS 10.15 Catalina, macOS 11 Big Sur, macOS 12 Monterey, when using respective Pioneer DJ drivers, and also affects third-party audio applications other than Serato DJ Pro software that can utilize Pioneer DJ hardware.

Affected Pioneer DJ device drivers are versioned as 4.0.0, or sometimes displayed as M400, so please follow the resolution steps below if you're currently using this driver - even if you haven't yet experienced the issue detailed above.

The following devices are affected:

  • Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ
  • Pioneer DJ DJM-V10
  • Pioneer DJ DJM-S3
  • Pioneer DJ DJM-S9
  • Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2
  • Pioneer DJ DJM-900nexus
  • Pioneer DJ DJM-900SRT
  • Pioneer DJ DJM-850
  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ
  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ2
  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3
  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2
  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000SRT


A fix is now available, in the form of an updated Pioneer DJ device driver for macOS users, which is  versioned 4.0.1 or


You can confirm you have the updated driver installed by opening the relevant Pioneer DJ Setting Utility application and checking the Driver version, which is located in the respective hardware folder in macOS finder via Mac HD > Applications > Pioneer.

In the example below, the DJM-900NXS2 has the latest, 4.0.1 driver installed: