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Pioneer DJ Hardware Drivers

For Pioneer Drivers (and Firmware) updates please choose your hardware on the Pioneer website:

Please make sure you have the latest version of firmware and the correct drivers for your hardware for best results, as incorrect firmware or old drivers can result in issues when running Serato applications.

Drivers are most easily installed by connecting your Serato hardware and opening the latest version of Serato DJ Pro (not all devices have drivers bundled, however), or downloading them directly from your hardware manufacturers website, as stated above.

We have hosted some drivers below, for situations where you are unable to connect the hardware you need a driver for, or where you are unable to download the driver from the manufacturer's website.

NOTE: Some hardware is discontinued in the latest version of Serato DJ Pro, read our Serato software & operating system compatibility for discontinued hardware, and Serato Software / Operating System compatibility articles for further information.

IMPORTANT: The drivers below are sourced from the respective manufacturers' website, but please note that while we try our best to keep them updated, they may sometimes fall out of date and a discrepancy between the newest version on the manufacturers website and our own, is possible.