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KNOWN ISSUE: Serato Sample parameters can act erratically in Logic Pro if run natively on Apple Silicon (M1/M2) computers

We are aware of an issue whereby Serato Sample UI parameters (like attack, release, time stretch, or key shift, for example), can act erratically if used natively with Logic Pro on an Apple Silicon (M1/M2) computer.

Modifying these parameters can result in glitchy selections or values jumping around, making it hard to make accurate adjustments to your desired parameter.


The issue above affects Serato Sample 1.4.0, and an earlier version of Serato Sample 1.4.1.
If you had previously updated to 1.4.1, please re-download it again to get the latest, updated build

You can check you've got the correct build installed, by navigating to the Settings screen (the cog, in the upper-right hand corner of Serato Sample), then looking to the bottom right-hand corner of the plug-in:

As of Serato Sample, you can now run the plugin natively, without having to use the Rosetta emulation layer, while also not experiencing the issue above. Please update to the latest version, then disable the Open using Rosetta preference from instructions in our Serato Sample 1.4.1 - now with Apple Silicon support (M1/M2) article.