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Instrument Note Sustain in Serato Studio 1.5.1 and above requires Sound Pack update

Certain instruments in Serato Studio 1.5.1 and future updates now feature Instrument Note Sustain. Holding down a note or a chord will now have it sustain indefinitely.

Note: This does not apply to all instruments. For example, plucks do not observe this behaviour.


A change to the Sound Packs themself was required, meaning Sound Packs that have been downloaded and installed prior to the 1.5.1 update will need to be reinstalled should you wish to make use of this feature. Packs released after the 1.5.1 release can continue to be installed as normal. Follow the steps in the guide below to do so.

Note: The newly downloaded pack will overwrite the old installation.


Installing these packs should not change the sound of your existing project unless you drag the new instruments over the existing instrument in your project.


Affected Packs and Instruments

Below is the list of packs and instruments as of Serato Studio 1.5.1 that will need to be reinstalled to make use of the Instrument Note Sustain feature. The download can be started by clicking on each of the titles below.

Note: Some Sound Packs require a Serato Studio Subscription or Licence

Concert Hall Vol. 1

  • Brass Ensemble Sustained
  • Sustained Flute

Dirty Dubstep

  • 808 Low Hum Bass
  • 808 Low Straight Bass
  • Arpy Mello Bright Synth
  • Caesar Synth
  • Click 808 Bass
  • Gospel Organ
  • Shinra Pad
  • Warm Sine Valve Synth

Dusty Crates

  • 808 Low Hum Bass
  • 808 Low Straight Bass
  • Arpy Mello Bright Synth
  • Caesar Synth
  • Click 808 Bass
  • Gospel Organ
  • Shinra Pad
  • Warm Sine Valve Synth

EDM Starter Pack

  • Bleached Pad

Eccentric Entrance

  • Rock Combo Organ

Essential Electronic

  • 808 Fuzzy Bend Bass
  • 808 Harsh Bass
  • Arpy Mello Filter Synth
  • Arpy Mello Soft Synth
  • Ascending Synth
  • Club Synth
  • Flutter Saw Synth
  • Galactic Pad
  • Gritty Reese Bass
  • Haunted Pad
  • Heartbreak Drone Pad
  • Knock Reese Bass
  • Limehouse Pad
  • Majoras Brighter Synth
  • Monster Morph Synth
  • Mother's Filtered Saw Synth
  • Osc Wave Brass Synth
  • Pro Hoover Lead
  • Rich 2 Pad
  • Rich Pad


  • Brazy Sub Bass
  • How Low Can You Go Bass
  • Swagged Out Sub Bass

Future Wave

  • Big Chorus Synth
  • Dirty Sub Synth Bass
  • Distorted 808 Synth Bass
  • Laser Synth
  • Reese Synth
  • Sine Synth Bass
  • Slow Synth Bass

Hip Hop Starter Pack

  • Subterranean Bass
  • Deep Pressure Synth

House Starter Pack

  • Hazy Eyed Pad

Neo Synth

  • Arp Synth
  • FM PIano
  • Bass Synth

Psychedelic Trap

  • Thicccc Sub Bass
  • Aloe Synth
  • Away Synth
  • Big Room Trap Synth
  • Clam Chowder Pad
  • Multi Purpose Mean Bass
  • My First 808 Bass
  • Porter House Lead Synth


  • Crazy Synth
  • Grunge Bass
  • Hybrid Love Strings
  • Island Synth

The Leonard Simpson Duo

  • The LSD Drone
  • The LSD Mini Bass

Trap Starter Pack

  • Digital 808 Bass
  • Smooth 808 Bass

Trap World

  • 808 Fuzzy Sine Bass
  • Canadian Synth
  • Emo Grains Synth
  • Genesis Synth
  • Heartbreak Drone 2 Pad
  • Slightly Crispy Reese Bass
  • Warm Sub Valve Synth
  • XXX Bass