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Using the Serato 'Now Playing' Twitch extension

Serato's Now Playing extension for Twitch allows users to set an overlay on their Twitch stream which displays a live notification of the tracks being played, using Serato DJ Pro's history feature.

Set-up requires a few steps, but is easy and adds a little extra touch to your Twitch livestream - read on to find out how.

NOTE: Because Serato 'Now Playing' is a Twitch extension, it works with any streaming utility, such as OBS or Stream Labs - it's applied to your stream as you are broadcasting on Twitch.

Enable Serato Live playlists

  1. Ensure you have the latest version of Serato DJ Pro installed, via our website here. Serato Live Playlists work best with Serato DJ Pro 2.4.0 and higher.
  2. Open Serato DJ Pro, connect your primary hardware, then navigate to
    Setup --> Expansion packs --> Serato Playlists, and enable the 'Enable Live playlists' button.

NOTE: Serato Live playlists require you have your Serato primary hardware connected, and an active internet connection. Serato Live playlists are currently not available with Serato Play.

Adding and linking the Serato Now Playing extension in your Twitch account

  1. To install the 'Serato Now Playing' Twitch extension, first log into your Twitch account, then locate the extension itself, by clicking here.
  2. In the 'Serato Now Playing' extension card, click Install:
  3. Once installed, you'll see the following pop-up - click Configure to be taken to the extension configuration page (or navigate to Creator Dashboard --> Extensions --> My Extensions and click the 'cog' in the Serato Now Playing card):
  4. In order to link the Now Playing extension to Serato DJ Pro, you will need to use an Access Token from the extension's configuration menu. Copy the token to your clipboard using the Copy button:
  5. Now switch back to Serato DJ Pro, open the History Panel, and click Start Live Playlist. In the prompt that appears, accept the conditions and click Yes:mceclip7.png
  6. You'll then be taken to in your web browser, where you can input the Access Token you copied earlier. Click Link account and allow the Access Token to connect your and Twitch accounts:

Activate the Serato Now Playing extension and enable the overlay

You're nearly there!

  1. Navigate to your Twitch account, and then Creator Dashboard --> Extensions --> My Extensions. Click Activate in the Serato Now Playing extension card, and choose Set as Overlay 1 for your stream:
  2. Initiate your livestream via Twitch, using steps from our Getting Serato DJ Pro ready to Live Stream article, or use your own, favorite Streaming utility, with Twitch.
  3. Finally, click the Start Live playlist button in the Serato DJ Pro history panel, and again, click Start live playlist on the resulting page (pictured below):Screenshot_2020-12-10_172658.png

You can also adjust customize your Serato Now Playing Twitch extension, using our Configuring the Serato Now Playing Twitch extension article.

NOTE: The Serato Now Playing Twitch extension overlay will not show for users viewing your stream on mobile devices, in the mobile web browser or Twitch Android or iOS applications. The overlay is designed for Desktop web browsers only, at this stage.