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How to start a Serato Studio Trial

The trial gives you access to the full version of Serato Studio for 14 days. There are no feature limitations when using the trial as opposed to using Serato Studio in Free mode, which can be used perpetually. More information on Free mode can be found here.

Starting the 14-day Trial

Firstly ensure you have created a account. Click here to create a new account.

  1. Download and install Serato Studio via:
  2. Launch Serato Studio and then click the purple 'Get Started' button. You will be directed to your default internet browser to sign into your account. Enter your account credentials and click 'Sign in'.
  3. Once you've signed in, you will see a 'You're good to go' page to confirm that your login has been successful and/or subscription has been activated. A pop-up will appear in your internet browser to redirect you back to the Serato Studio application - click 'Open Serato Studio' to confirm this.
  4. Click on 'Unlock All Features' in the bottom right corner of Serato Studio. Unlock_all_Features.png
  5. Then click 'Start a Trial'    Start_Trial.png
  6. Once you've activated your Serato Studio trial, a pop-up will show in the bottom corner of Serato Studio letting you know how much time you have remaining in your trial of the software. Click the arrowhead in the right corner of this to collapse the pop-up. Trialmessaging.gif

NOTE: Once your 14-day trial expires, you will be placed into Free mode with limited features.  Subscribe to Serato Studio or purchase outright to resume using Serato Studio's full set of features -

You will not be presented with the option to start a trial if:

  • The account you are using has previously trialled Serato Studio
  • The computer you are activing the trial on has not previously had a trial (regardless of the account)
  • You do not have a current Serato Studio licence or subscription

If you are experiencing any issues activating the Serato Studio Trial, please open a help request