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Serato Studio - Free Edition

Serato Studio Free Edition enables you to experience the full Serato Studio application while having a limit on specific features. You can save and come back to your work at any time.

How to access Free Edition

Serato Studio can be downloaded from Click here for full installation steps - Installation

Upon launching the application, you will be required to log-in. Click the purple 'Get Started' button, and you will be directed to your default internet browser to sign in to your account. Enter your account credentials and click 'Sign in'.


NOTE: You need a account to use Serato Studio. If you do not have a account, click 'Create account' to create a account.

Once you've signed in, you will see a 'You're good' to go page to confirm that. 

A pop-up will appear in your internet browser to redirect you back to the Serato Studio application - click 'Open Serato Studio' to confirm this.

If a Serato Studio licence or subscription is present on your account this will be activated. If not, you will be placed in Free Edition

NOTE: If you are experiencing any issues activating Serato Studio, please open a help request

Loading and saving projects

Free Edition allows you to open and save Free Edition projects without restriction. You can find more info on opening and saving projects here - Projects

Projects made in previous licenced versions of Serato Studio can be loaded in Free Edition, however, when a project contains features outside of the Free Edition limitations, it can not be saved or exported.

Note: Old projects that exceed the limitations can not be reverted to a state where it can be saved (i.e. remove all non-Free Edition features).

Feature Limitations

A full feature comparison can be found here -

Scene Player

Free Edition enables you to create up to a maximum of 4 Scenes. Trying to add 5 or more scenes will require you to upgrade to the full version of Serato Studio.



Free Edition gives you access to all of the available decks (Drum, Sample, Instrument and Plug-in Decks). However, you will be limited to a maximum of 4 decks per session. 


 Audio tracks

Free Edition will allow you to make use of 1 audio track. Trying to add a 2nd audio track will prompt you to upgrade to the full version of Serato Studio.



Exporting is available in Free Edition; however, this is limited. You are able to export the master audio chain in an MP3 format.

Exporting your sessions as a .wav file, and exporting stems is disabled.



All automation is disabled in Free Edition.



You can upgrade to the full feature version of Serato Studio at any time by clicking the 'Unlock All Features' in the bottom right-hand corner. Alternatively, you can visit this link -