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macOS 11 Big Sur - not yet supported with Serato Sample

macOS 11 Big Sur has now been released.

We have been working hard to try and ensure compatibility with Serato Sample, however we strongly recommend you do not update to macOS 11 Big Sur

We hope to announce compatibility in the near future, but cannot currently offer a time frame.

Please feel free to bookmark this article, as any future announcements will be made here.

NOTE: Apple have also recently announced new ARM-based Mac computers with a new M1 chip, please understand that while these computers will likely come with macOS 11 Big Sur pre-installed, we do not expect to announce official support for these specific computers, even once we announce support for macOS 11 Big Sur itself.
For more information see our Mac computers with ARM-based M1 CPU's are currently not supported with Serato software article.