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What can prevent Serato Studio from Relocating tracks?

We've come across a few cases with customers recently, where even after following the steps on how to relocate your tracks, some of the Serato library has not been relocated.

The Serato library allows you to have each file added only once. If you copy or move a file, and re-add the file into your library, it will show as a new track.

If you find that Serato Studio is not relocating your files, but you can find the files on the drive, it's most likely that the track was manually added into the library a second time, after it was showing as missing.

When this happens, you will see two copies of the track in the 'ALL' crate of your library, and any versions of tracks within your crates will likely still show as missing.

This tends to happen in two particular cases;

The file was moved, shows as missing, and was added into the library from the new location.

In this case, the file was moved on the drive. This then causes the track to show as missing.


In the confusion of having missing tracks, the track gets added back into the library, from a new location. Serato Studio is now unable to relocate the original version, and can only play the file currently in the Music folder.


By removing the manually added version, we can direct the software to relocate the track, from the new desired file location while making sure that it's visible in your crates.


The iTunes library is enabled, and the file was added from the original location.

This looks largely the same as above, except that the file location is the same in both tracks.


So, if you find that Serato Studio is not relocating your tracks, even though you have the files visible on your drive, try searching the track name within your library. If two tracks show up, try the steps above!