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How to relocate missing files in Serato Studio

If you find that files are missing in Serato Studio, do not fret - there are tools available in Serato Studio to get these missing files back.


Relocating missing files in your Serato Studio library

If you have find that your library missing files in the Audio, Drums and/or Serato DJ tab, you can use the relocate files tools from the Setup window to find your files. Navigate to the Setup window by clicking on the cog wheel in the top right corner of the Serato Studio interface. Under the 'Library' tab you will see:

  • Relocate lost files Screen_Shot_2019-07-03_at_3.03.28_PM.png

  • Relocate files in directory Screen_Shot_2019-07-03_at_3.03.44_PM.png

The 'Relocate lost files' tool will search your computer's drive(s) to find all missing files. Please note that this process may take a while.

The 'Relocate files in directory' tool will allow you to specify the search location. If you know the new location of your Sample library, use this to speed up the relocation process.

Relocating missing files in the Sample or Drum Deck

To relocate a missing file a Sample or Drum Deck, click on the deck or pad containing the missing file.


Either locate then drag the audio file from a Finder window or click "Locate File" to browse your computer for the missing file.


If you find that even after following the steps above, certain tracks have not been relocated, check out our guide;

What can prevent Serato Studio from Relocating tracks?