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Library : Status Icons & Types

Serato Studio shows assets (consisting of plugins, decks, files, or FX), in the left-most columns of the Library area, with small icons to help quickly identify their use or any potential issues. Read on to find out what they mean :



Indicates the asset is missing because the files' location has changed on your storage device, since you first imported the track into your library. Serato Studio can only reference the original imported location. Use the How to relocate missing files in Serato Studio guide to resolve this.

Indicates the file cannot be written to, due to incorrect permissions. This could be a result of the file being stored in a location where write permissions are not possible (such as an NTFS-formatted storage device used on a macOS operating system, an external storage device with a physical write-protect switch, or an encrypted storage device which needs to be unlocked). It could also be due to the file itself having 'read-only' permissions set.

Indicates the file has been locked by the user, in order to prevent beatgrids, and BPM from being modified. Hold 'control/command' while clicking in the status column in order to toggle beat gridlock on a particular file. If multiple files have been selected, then this will apply a beat gridlock to all respective files.

Indicates the file is problematic, meaning the header or audio data in the file is invalid or incomplete. It's recommended to remove Problem files from your library as they may not be usable or could cause issues with your project. Alternatively, you can attempt to fix the problem file using the steps here.


The images below indicate different types of content via icons and their respective usage in Serato Studio.

NOTE: Some content can be loaded into multiple library tabs and thus will take on the 'icon' of the library tab they are located in.



iTunes/Apple 'Music' & Video icons

iTunes/Apple 'Music' file types are indicated by the following icons. Video file types (iTunes or non-iTunes based), can be loaded into Serato Studio in order to utilise their associated audio content.iTunes_Video__type_.pngiTunes_Audio__type_.pngVideo__type_.png