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Song View : Audio Tracks

Add Audio

Clicking the Add Audio button will create a new audio track for you to place an audio file into or allow you to record audio from an external input.

Click here for more information on Recording
Click here for more information on Audio Tracks


You can drag and drop Pads into the timeline like you would Scenes. Start adding to your song by dragging and dropping Pads from the Audio deck into the Audio Track, creating Clips.


If the audio clip is too long, you can left-click and drag on the end of the Clip to truncate it. This will only affect the size of the Clip on the timeline, it will not edit the size of the corresponding Pad.


To change the start position of an audio clip in the timeline, left-click and drag on the start of the Audio clip.


You can also edit clips by first selecting the relevant audio clip in the timeline, then adjusting the Cue start and end point in the Audio Track Deck Waveform area, which is known as the Clip region (not pictured below). In timeline this will show the clip preview change in real-time (pictured below):editclipfromwaveform.gif

Right-clicking on an Audio clip or track in the Timeline will bring up the 'Split to New clip' option. Clicking this will separate the audio into two separate clips. Other functions shown below mirror the same shortcuts found & described in the Application Tool Bar’s Edit menu.

NOTE: It is not possible to use 'Split to New Clip' if all 8 clips slots are already filled


You can move clips between audio tracks, after splitting them, by clicking and dragging the desired clip onto a new audio track.

Click and drag an audio clip onto another existing audio clip to truncate the destination clip, allowing both audio clips to play in succession at the point the two clips were combined.

You can re-order Audio Tracks by clicking on an Audio Track and dragging it above or below other Tracks.


You can duplicate Audio Tracks by right-clicking on an Audio Track and then selecting 'Duplicate Track. Alternatively, select an Audio Track by left-clicking on it, and then press command + D/ctrl + D


To resize the Scenes and Audio Tracks column, click and hold down on the right and edge of the column and then drag to resize.


You can rename an Audio Track by right-clicking on the track and selecting ‘Rename’ from the list menu.