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Serato Studio Error Messages

If you've seen a Status Bar Error Message in Serato Studio, read on to find out what it means:

Error: no hard drive space for xx-Pack

You are running low on storage space and the Pack you are trying to install is unable to be completed due to insufficient remaining storage space. Free up some storage space on the partition or drive the Music/Serato Studio folder is contained on.
NOTE: It is not currently possible to install Packs in a location other than the one stipulated above.

Error: installing xx-Pack

Serato Studio is having trouble installing a content pack. This can happen for the following reasons:

  • Incorrect Windows permissions have been set (Windows OS only). You can rectify this using the steps here:
    1. Right click on hard drive name in My Computer
    2. Go to Properties > Security > Click on Edit
    3. Select username that you log onto
    4. Tick the 'Allow' column for Full Control
    5. Click Apply then OK
  • The content pack(s) you have downloaded was unzipped incorrectly*
  • The content pack(s) failed to copy to the correct location*
  • The content pack(s) failed to be added to the Serato Studio library*

NOTE: In each marked with an * case, try re-downloading the content then try to add the content pack to Serato Studio again.

The deck preset could not be Saved/ The project could not be Saved

If you get an error when trying to save a project or deck preset, it's possible you are running low on storage space. Free up some storage space on the partition or drive you are trying to save the project or deck preset to. It's also possible the location is no longer available, you don't have permission to write a file to this location, or the location doesn't have write access.

The deck preset could not be loaded/ The project could not be loaded

If you get an error when trying to load a project or deck preset, check the partition or drive the file is located on is still connected, still has read access, and that the asset is still located in the expected directory (in the case of a preset, or if loading a project from within the Library tab).

In some cases, a deck preset will not load because it requires a newer version of Serato Studio, than the one being used. Please ensure you have the latest version installed, from the Serato Studio download page.

If you are unable to update macOS for compatibility reasons but wish to access the legacy collection of Sound packs, please get in contact with Support here - Open a help request

Error: Exporting Song WAV

This error can occur if the destination you are trying to export your track to, is no longer connected or mounted, does not have the correct write permissions, or has insufficient storage space available.
Reconnect your storage device, ensure it has the correct write permissions, or free up some storage space on the destination.

Error: Could not load this file, please try another file "Learn about supported file types"

This error can occur if the file type is unsupported or detected as a problem file. Try loading a different file type, or checkout the list of Supported File types in Serato Studio.
If the file is a problem file or does not conform to the file types supported in Serato Studio, you may try re-encoding the file using a third-party software. For more information click here

An update to Serato Studio is required to open this project

This error is displayed when attempting to open a project created in Serato Studio version 1.7.3 or later, when using Serato Studio 1.7.2 or earlier. 

To fix this, ensure you are using the latest version of Serato Studio found here.

The Default Template failed to load. Please save a new project as a Default Template or Troubleshoot

This error can occur when your Default Template project becomes corrupt, or perhaps includes an asset that is preventing it from loading. To resolve this, try the suggestions below:

  • If you have an existing saved project that is similar to your default template, you could try opening this, then using the File > Save Project as Default Template option to make this the new Default Template.
  • Try manually replacing your corrupt Default Template.ssp project file with one from Serato Studio’s back-ups, which may bring you back to a time before the Default Template would not load.
    To do this, refer to the Restoring a Serato Studio project from a backup section, ensuring you use the Default Template location in step 1, from our How to Restore your Serato Studio projects & library from a back-up guide.
  • If you aren’t concerned about restoring the Default Template, or are happy to recreate it, simply reset it, by navigating to Setup > General > Save Project as Default Template > Reset.

Further issues

If your project is particularly precious to you, you can locate the .ssp file, open a help request (via the link below) and attach it to that support ticket. Please note that we may not be able to resolve (or even investigate) issues with some projects.

If you are having trouble resolving any of the errors above, or have encountered an error not listed above, please get in touch with our Support team here: