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Using MIDI devices & Serato Studio compatible hardware

Serato Studio allows for both third-party MIDI devices and a range of Serato DJ-supported devices to be used, to control features and functions of the software. When connected and enabled, these devices will activate a varying, pre-configured mapping.

To get started with your MIDI device, connect it, then navigate to Setup > MIDI > MIDI Devices, and enable the toggle:

Using Serato-compatible hardware

Click the following link to find a list of Serato-compatible devices that Serato Studio includes default mappings for:

When clicking through to each piece of hardware on that page, you’ll also see the following card to indicate an included default mapping when used in Serato Studio:

NOTE: Some supported devices include additional features like screens, lights, motorized platters and sequencers that are not functional in Serato Studio.

You can download two guides for mapping for both a controller and mixer, which while not specific to the devices above, should cover most of the functionality & mapping from the devices above.

Using third-party MIDI devices

The Akai MPK Mini MKII, Akai MPK Mini MKII (Special Edition), and Akai MPK Mini MK3 are mapped to work with Serato Studio. You can download the Akai MPK Mini MKII & MK3 hardware guide below:

All other third-party non Serato-compatible MIDI devices should work with Serato Studio, however the pre-configured mapping may differ between third-party devices.