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Upgrading to Serato DJ Pro

While exploring Serato DJ Lite, you may occasionally notice that some features are greyed out, and mousing over them reveals the following message:

Serato DJ Pro is an upgrade to Serato DJ Lite, and contains many additional features and functions. Your Serato DJ Lite-compatible hardware is also compatible with Serato DJ Pro, but will require the purchase and activation of a Serato DJ Pro license.

Check our Upgrade to Serato DJ Pro page to learn about the differences between Serato DJ Pro & Serato DJ Lite.

Try Serato DJ Pro

If you have a supported Serato DJ Lite controller connected, you can try Serato DJ Pro free for 14 days.

Buy Serato DJ Pro

You will need to purchase Serato DJ Pro to use your supported Serato DJ Lite controller with Serato DJ Pro software.

If you're unsure whether you need to purchase an upgrade license to use Serato DJ Pro, please refer to our Do I need a Serato DJ Pro or DVS upgrade license? article.