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Buy Serato DJ Pro

You will need to purchase a license to use your supported Serato DJ Lite controller or Club Kit hardware with Serato DJ Pro software.
NOTE: You can also purchase any licenses & expansion packs directly from the website, via our Pricing page. If you’re unsure which products you may need, check out our Do I need a Serato DJ Pro or DVS upgrade license article.

Use the following steps to purchase Serato DJ Pro or any required expansion packs:
Open Serato DJ Pro.

  1. Click ‘Expansions’, near the top right of the Serato DJ Pro interface. Once the Expansions window launches, sign-in if you haven’t already, or select a product on the left-hand side to see more information.

    NOTE: Products you already own will have a green tick next to them - these also show in the ‘Your expansions’ tab.

  2. Choose either Buy or Subscribe, then wait to be redirected to and follow the steps as prompted to complete your purchase.
  3. Once your purchase is completed, simply return to Serato DJ Pro and your product will be automatically activated.

If you experience any issues during the purchase process, contact our Sales team, here.
If you receive an error when trying to activate your product, our Support team, here.