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KNOWN ISSUE: Using Serato DJ with Macbook Pro models w/ Touchbar can result in connection issues

We have been investigating the use of Serato DJ with Macbook Pro models and have noticed issues around variants with the Touchbar while using Serato primary hardware that is NOT class compliant (requires specific, manufacturer drivers).

If you disconnect one of these primary devices during playback, and then reconnect it - the Macbook Pro will not detect ANY subsequently connected USB device (this is not limited to the primary Serato hardware) - without first completing a restart. Restarting the Macbook Pro then causes a hang, and requires a hard reset (holding the power button for 10 seconds or more). The Touchbar will also be affected, and will not be functional until a restart has been completed.

The issue doesn't seem to affect non-Touchbar models, and the only current work-around with affected models, is to use a USB hub. Keep in mind that even using the USB hub only allows you to hot-plug the device FROM the USB hub ports, and not from the Macbook Pro USB-C ports.

This issue has also been reproduced with other audio software (eg. iTunes) so we have reason to believe the issue is specific to these laptops and not Serato DJ.

We believe the affected models are as follows;

  • Macbook Pro 13,2
  • Macbook Pro 13,3

The following models may also be affected;

  • Macbook Pro 14,2
  • Macbook Pro 14,3

You can find out how what model you have using our 'How to find your computer specifications' article.

Additionally, we strongly recommend you do not perform firmware updates using the USB-C ports.

If you're unsure whether your Serato hardware could be affected, or you have any other questions regarding this - please submit a support request, here.