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KNOWN ISSUE: Latency with some 2015 Macbook Pro models

We are aware there is an issue with some of the 2015 Apple Macbook Pro models and their USB ports, which may cause specific problems with USB audio devices. Symptoms will include a sudden extreme latency (1+ seconds) (or distortion) after approximately 5-10 minutes of use, requiring the device to be disconnected and then reconnected to temporarily resolve.

Here are the Model Identifiers for affected Macbook Pro models:

  • MacBookPro11,4
  • MacBookPro11,5

You can find your Model Identifier by going to your Apple menu and selecting About This Mac > System Report. More information about various MacBook Pro models and revisions can be found here.



Using a USB to Thunderbolt adapter to connect your Serato primary hardware has been reported to mitigate the issue, however this is a suggestion only, and this adapter is no longer an easy accessory to find. Serato makes no guarantees this adapter will rectify the issue described above.

We also strongly recommend completing all possible steps from the Serato optimization guide for macOS.