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Serato Video 101

What is Serato Video?

Serato Video is a plug-in for Serato DJ, and allows for the ability to display and manipulate video content, in the form of transitions, FX, and video mixing. It's all controlled by your Serato compatible hardware, third-party MIDI controller, or mouse and keyboard.

It currently requires a 'Serato DJ Enabled' device, or a 'Serato DJ Upgrade ready' device and Serato DJ license.

Note: Due to the demanding nature of video manipulation and playback, higher system requirements (than those for Serato DJ or Scratch Live) are required. Be sure to check for compatibility via the Serato Video product page.

How do I purchase and download Serato Video?

Serato Video is a part of the Serato DJ expansions pack bundle which can be purchased from our website here - Serato Expansions. Once you've done this, ensure you're signed into Serato DJ Pro using your purchase email.

Once you have successfully logged in to Serato DJ Pro you can then enable the Video plug-in via the Expansion Packs tab, under Setup on the main Serato DJ Pro screen;

How do I use Serato Video?

Simply enable it by clicking the Video panel toggle near the top of the main Serato DJ interface, and the Serato Video panel and output screen will appear. You can then drop and drag video files from your library onto the virtual decks (or straight to the video windows), much like you would with regular audio files. The small video panel that appears below the waveform display allows you to select transitions, FX, font and more;

What file formats can I use and where do I find video content to use?

The following file formats are supported; .mov, .m4v, .mp4, .avi (Windows only), .mpg, .mpeg, .dv, and .qtz (Mac only) are supported, with a range of video codecs.

We recommend using .mp4 files as they are one of the more widely available file formats and usually work without issue. It's also recommended to have the latest version of QuickTime Player installed, to ensure smooth playback and optimal performance.

You can also find tons of great free content for Serato Video owners, from the Serato Video Free content page, including the Beeple, DJ Ego, and I love Quartz packs. They all come loaded with high-quality video files, that are royalty-free - so you'll have a fantastic starting point.

If you're already using Serato DJ to mix audio, you can use the Media Crate function to automatically add video content to your mix and is the simplest way to get started. This is all explained in the Media Crate pro-tip blog post.

There are also plenty of good royalty-free video sample websites all over the internet.

I'm sold! But I'd like to try Serato Video before making a purchase.

As long as you own Serato DJ, you can try the Serato Video demo, for free - as per the How to trial Serato Video with Serato DJ article.