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How to activate the Serato Video Demo in Serato DJ Pro


Serato Video is an expansion pack for Serato DJ Pro which enables you to manipulate video playback with your compatible Serato DJ Pro hardware.

Before using Serato DJ Pro and Serato Video, it's worth double checking that your computer meets the required minimum specs (As these differ slightly between Serato DJ Pro and Serato Video) Although, trying the free demo before you purchase a license will give you a good indication of whether it will run on your computer.

Serato Video now comes built-in to Serato DJ Pro, so there is no separate installer required. You can start a free demo of Serato Video if you would like to try it out and see if its for you, all you need to do is activate the demo.


Once you have launched Serato DJ Pro, click on SETUP in the top right hand corner. Then click on the Expansion Packs tab, from here you should see Serato Video in the list of available expansion packs.

Click on Serato Video from the list of expansion packs, then check the Enable Serato Video box. You should now be able to run the free version of Serato Video by clicking the Demo button.

The Serato Video secondary output window should now launch. The output window is Typically used to display the final output of your video mix on a secondary display system. Learn how to set up a secondary display for your computer.


You can now exit the SETUP screen and return to the main screen of Serato DJ Pro. You may notice that there is now a button to open the Serato Video interface in the top left area of the screen.

The Serato Video interface displays three windows, the middle window shows what is displayed on the secondary output window mentioned earlier.

The left and right windows will display the unmixed video content loaded to your left and right decks respectively, for previewing purposes.

You can import and load video files to the virtual decks in Serato DJ Pro, just as you would with audio files. Here's a list of file formats that are supported in Serato Video. We've also put together some free video content to help you get started.

When mixing videos, the channel faders on your Serato DJ Pro hardware will fade in and out video, just as it would with audio. The crossfader will also fade between the two videos loaded to the decks.

This should get you started with Serato Video, but to learn more information, such as applying video effects to your videos, or changing the transition when mixing videos, we recommend downloading the Serato Video manual

Alternatively, if you would just like to explore Serato Video and learn as you go, try clicking on the Tool Tips "i" button to activate Tool Tips:

Tool Tips provide a handy way to learn the various features of Serato DJ Pro or Serato Video, just move the mouse over a section of the screen to bring up a context sensitive tool tip, which will explain more about the feature you have selected.