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Serato DJ Lite system requirements

In the link below, are detailed computer specifications entitled recommended specifications for both macOS and Windows computers:

Serato DJ Lite computer specifications

We advise you meet or exceed these computer specifications when using Serato DJ Lite, to ensure the best possible experience.

Users meeting or exceeding the recommended specifications tier are for those with a typical DJ setup using default Serato settings.

Serato DJ Lite may work on computers that do not meet or exceed the computer specifications mentioned above, but operation is not guaranteed and you may need to carry out optimizations beyond what we suggest, and tweak Serato settings or adjust your usage to match what your computer is capable of.

  • Operating system support assumes you are using the latest point release for that version
  • Both macOS and Windows users (no matter the specifications of their computer) are strongly recommended to complete all of the Optimization steps outlined in the Optimization guide for macOS and Optimization guide for Windows articles
  • CPUs that support the AVX instruction set are required for the latest versions of Serato DJ Lite