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Rane Hardware Drivers and Firmware

  1. Install the latest version of Serato DJ Pro, here.
  2. Open Serato DJ Pro.
  3. Connect your Rane device with a USB cable to the computer.
  4. If the device does not connect, look for the Install Driver button in the right-hand panel of the main Serato DJ Pro user interface, and click on it. Then follow the Rane driver installation steps where prompted - a reboot will be required.
  5. After the computer has rebooted, open the device’s control panel. If the device is not recognized, a hot-plug (disconnect and reconnect the USB connection to your computer) may be required.
    Windows: The device control panel icon is located in the Windows Control Panel.
    Mac: The device control panel icon is located in the system preferences pane.
  6. If the Update Firmware panel is not greyed out, and the button is yellow, a firmware is necessary - click the Update Firmware button and allow the device firmware to be updated.
  7. Close the device control panel.
  8. Open Serato DJ Pro. Your Rane device should be recognized and connected with the decks visible. Audio should be output via your Rane device (instead of your computer speakers).
    NOTE: Rane device drivers can also be installed by manually downloading them from Rane's website, and installing them separately. Click through to Rane downloads to find more information.

What do I do if my Rane device is still not recognised?