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Serato Sample activation & deactivation


  1. Download and install Serato Sample
  2. Open your DAW and create a virtual instrument track with Serato Sample
  3. Open Serato Sample and click Get Started. This will launch your default web browser 
  4. Enter the email address and password of the account where you purchased Serato Sample, then, click Sign in, and then Continue at the last prompt
  5. Navigate back to Serato Sample

ACTIVATION - activate2.0.gif


The steps below provide instructions on how to deactivate Serato Sample from within the plugin, on the computer you originally activated it on, and are applicable for all versions of Serato Sample.

You can also remotely deactivate Serato Sample (but only if you've activated previously on the respective computer, using version 2.0 or higher), via our How to deactivate your Serato products & licenses to use on another computer article, if you don't have access to the computer you activated Serato Sample on.

  1. Open your DAW, then open a project with Serato Sample, and open the plugin
  2. Click the My Account icon in the upper right corner, then choose Log out

ACTIVATION - deactivatelogout2.0.gif

If you've received a voucher code to redeem Serato Sample please follow steps from our How to redeem Serato Sample using a voucher code article, then follow the steps above again.

If you can't deactivate Serato Sample remotely (if activated using version 1.4.1 or lower), and you can't access the computer you activated Serato Sample on to deactivate it, please get in touch.