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Serato Sample Activation errors

You have no unused activations left. Please deactivate on other machines or buy more licenses. Sign-in to Serato Sample on one of your activated machines and de-activate it using the Settings panel. 
Please get in touch with Serato Support if you're unable to access this machine.

Sorry! There are no available licenses for this account. Please buy a license to activate.

Purchase a Serato Sample license or sign-out, and sign-in with the account containing the license. 
Make sure you are connected to the internet, or please try again later.  Ensure your internet connection is connected and working, try another internet connection, or check your firewall settings to ensure Serato Sample has the access it requires.  
 Your trial has expired

Your 30-day trial has expired. Please purchase Serato Sample, here.

Error Code #1

Authorization error. Please try reinstalling Serato Sample and check if you are logged in as an administrator on your machine. If these suggestion do not help, please open a help request.

Error Code #2 The license sent from the web server didn't arrive at the computer. The best thing to try in this case is activating your license again. 

Error Code #3

License authorization error. Please open a help request.
Error Code #4 A possible reason for this error is that your computer hardware has been changed since first activating your license e.g. BIOS, motherboard or hard drive. Also, this can appear if you reinstall your computer operating system. Open a help request if error code #4 persists. 
Error Code #5 The license content is invalid. You may have changed your computer name or ID, which now does not match your license. Another possible reason for this is that the license may have been corrupted. Open a help request for help resolving error code #5 . 

Error Code #6

The license version does not match the product version. Open a help request if error code #6 persists after following troubleshooting for error codes #4 & #5
Error Code #7

Please check the clock is set correctly for your time zone on your computer and retry activation. If that doesn't help try to reinstall Serato Sample making sure you are logged in as the computer administrator - then try activating Serato Sample again.