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Why do I see "note is out of range. Shift octave down to.." in Serato Sample?


Serato Sample uses a different octave range depending on the Host DAW you are using. This means that MIDI notes via your computer keyboard, MIDI controller, or notes drawn into the piano roll, may not trigger any sound in Serato Sample, and may present an error like the one above.

The easiest solution for this problem is to shift the octave range used by your MIDI controller, piano roll, or keyboard typing interface.

Some quick steps have been provided below to find the correct range when using your keyboard to trigger MIDI (except for Maschine, whereby steps for a Maschine controller are provided).

To ensure your MIDI controller is set to the correct range, refer to the documentation provided with that specific device.

For Logic Pro:

  • Use an octave range of C1 to D#2


  1. If using the computer keyboard to control Serato Sample, press COMMAND + K to utilize the Musical Typing for keyboard playing.
  2. With the keyboard activated, press the Z and X keys to move the Musical Typing keyboard up or down octaves to match the C1 to D#2 recommendation. You will now be able to use the Cue Points, starting from the letter A.

For Ableton Live:

  • Use an octave range of C1 to D#2


  1. If not already enabled, press 'CTRL + SHIFT + K' to enable the 'Computer MIDI Keyboard', or check under Options --> Computer MIDI Keyboard.
  2. Press the letter Z twice on your keyboard to have the computer midi keyboard in the correct octave range (By default, Ableton Live will be set to C3-D4, while Serato Sample sits on C1-D#2) the cues will now start from the letter A on the keyboard, for 16 sequential pads.

For FL Studio:

  • Use an octave range of C3 to D#4


  1. If not already enabled, press 'CTRL + T' to enable the 'Typing keyboard to Piano keyboard'.
  2. Right-click on the icon to ensure the range starts at C3;

For Maschine (with Maschine controller):

  • Use an octave range of C1 to D#2


  1. Using the Maschine controller, hold 'SHIFT' and press PAD MODE to turn on KEYBOARD.
  2. Hold PAD MODE and use F2 & F3 to change the root note to C1.
  3. Pad 1 on the Maschine controller will be the first cue point in Serato Sample.
  4. All cue points will follow sequential order on the Maschine controller (1 - 16).