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Source Player

Main waveform

The main waveform shows a selection of the source file, and will indicate Cues as well as the playhead position. You can ‘scrub’ the waveform by clicking and dragging with the mouse, to move the playhead position throughout the source file.


Main waveform, showing set Cue points in the selection, alongside Playhead position, and the Zoom & Freeze mode controls visible

Waveform overview

The waveform overview shows the entire source file waveform, with Cues and the playhead clearly indicated. Click and release on any part of the waveform overview to quickly move the playhead to that part of the source file, changing the main waveform selection.


Waveform overview, showing all set Cues and the Playhead position

Zoom controls

While mousing over the main waveform, you’ll notice that two zoom controls become available - these are useful for zooming in and out of parts of the waveform to more accurately place Cues.

Zoom is available by clicking the aforementioned plus.png or minus.png buttons, using the keyboard shortcuts, or scrolling the mouse wheel while the cursor is positioned over the main waveform.

Freeze mode

Freeze mode is useful for ‘freezing’ the waveform while you edit Cue length or Cue parameters, stopping the playhead from moving through the source file. This is particularly useful when editing Cue parameters during playback of a sequence or while auditioning the project in your host DAW.

Enable Freeze mode by pressing the edit_or_freeze.png button in the main waveform area.