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Serato Sample Keyboard shortcuts

Action Device Control Notes
Navigate source waveform left and right Mouse Left-Click-Hold anywhere on waveform and drag left/right  
Change musical key format (classical, Camelot, and Open key) Mouse & Keyboard Alt + Click on key value  
Zoom into source waveform

Mouse &

  • Scroll wheel up and down

  • '-' keyboard shortcuts to zoom out
  • '=' and '+' keyboard shortcuts to zoom in
There are also + and - buttons on the UI which become visible when cursor is within the source track waveform view area
Play/stop Keyboard ` (same key as ~)  
Play / select any pad (mouse) Mouse Left-Click on pad  
Play pads (MIDI Keyboard) Generic MIDI C1 - D#2 (Some DAWs may start at C3)  
'Favourite' a cue Keyboard \  
Change start position of cue Mouse Left-Click and drag upper left handle  
Source Key/Detune Increase Keyboard

Shift + Up Arrow
One press = one increment

Source Key/Detune Decrease Keyboard Shift + Down Arrow
One press = one increment
Source Tempo Increase Keyboard  Shift + Right Arrow
One press = one increment
Source Tempo Increase  Keyboard  Shift + Left Arrow
One press = one increment
Key shift cue audio  Mouse &

Left-Click-Hold and drag mouse up/down

Up and down arrow keys

Up increases key shift in semi-tones

Down decreases key shift in semi-tones 

 Time Stretch cue audio Mouse &
Left-Click-Hold and drag mouse up/down

Left and right arrow keys

Up increases by 1% point, down decreases by 1% point

Left decreases by 1% point, right increases 1% point

Delete cue/pad  Mouse &

Click "trash can" button with cue/pad selected

 Toggle between trigger and hold mode  Mouse &

Click on trigger or hold button via UI

 Adjust cue parameter knobs  Mouse &

Click and hold left mouse button whilst over a knob, mouse movement up with increase knob value, down will decrease

Shift + mouse click send knob value back to default setting for that knob had it not been adjusted

Ctrl + mouse click will adjust knob in smaller increments