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Serato Sample Quickstart Guide for Maschine


Screenshots in this guide are using the latest current iteration at time of writing, of Maschine 2.6.5.

  1. Make sure that you've installed Serato Sample, as per the Installation Guide
  2. Open Maschine
  3. Select a GROUP
  4. Insert an instance of Serato Sample to the first empty SOUND bank
    - Select SOUND 1, press the “+” to view with Plug-In menu and choose Serato Sample (VST or AU)
    - Serato Sample must always be the in the first empty SOUND bank in order for it to be used in additional instances with the other 15 banks
  5. Load a sample either by clicking Load or drag in a sample
  6. Using the Maschine controller, hold 'SHIFT' and press PAD MODE to turn on KEYBOARD
  7. Hold PAD MODE and use F2 to change the root note down to C1 (use F3 to shift the octave back up where needed)
  8. Pad 1 on the Maschine controller will be the first cue point in Serato Sample
  9. All cue points will follow sequential order on the Maschine controller (1 - 16)
  10. All parameters in Serato Sample can be adjusted and automated using the encoder knobs on the Maschine controller

For further support using Machine please visit the Native Instruments Machine knowledge base here: