Troubleshooting Crashes with Serato Sample

Update Sample

Check that Serato Sample and host DAW are up to date. You can check the build of Sample you're running by opening up settings within the plugin, the build number will be in the bottom right-hand corner, the latest build for Sample can be found here: 

Remove all Plugins (1 by 1)

If the crash occurs with multiple versions of Serato Sample, try removing the Sample plugin from the session, this will determine if Sample is contributing to or causing the crash you're facing.

If the DAW continues to crash after removing Sample, remove each other plugin from the session 1 at a time to track down the offending plugin. 

Change Files

If the DAW doesn't crash after only removing Serato Sample, add Sample back to the session and swap out the audio file. Either for another, higher quality copy of the song or for a re-encoded version of the file you were previously using.

You can read more about here:

Lower Memory Usage

If you find Sample is still crashing after following all troubleshooting please submit a help request with the support team, including information such as; your computers system report, 

Further DAW specific troubleshooting can be found within the host DAWs knowledge base. 

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