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KNOWN ISSUE: If previously installed, an older version of Pitch 'n Time LE may load in Logic Pro X, after Pitch 'n Time LE 3.1.0 has been installed

Some users on Logic Pro X, who install Pitch 'n Time LE 3.1.0, over a previously installed Pitch 'n Time LE version, may experience the older, previous version of the plugin load instead of the newer version - which has just been installed

This is caused by the macOS AU component caching process and should only occur directly after installing & running Pitch 'n Time LE 3.1.0, over an older build.


To resolve this issue, simply restart your Mac.

Pitch 'n Time LE 3.1.0 should now be employed in Logic Pro X, and for every session subsequently. This is inline with Apple's own recommendations, which you can read more about, here.