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Serato Visualizer

Serato Visualizer is an online tool for creating visual content to accompany your music productions, for easy sharing on social media platforms. It's currently in BETA and is available for all account holders.

Accessing Visualizer

  1. Visit Serato Visualizer
  2. Log-in using an existing account, or create one, if don't already have one

Using Visualizer

  1. Drag and drop a MP3 or WAV audio file onto the splash screen, or click Choose file to pick a directory on your computer:
  2. Add background, text, logo/stickers & effects (see the Visualizer controls section below), then choose Export portrait/landscape/square (this option will change depending on the aspect ratio treatment option selected):mceclip1.png
  3. Wait for the render process to complete. Note that this may take longer if you navigate away from the browser tab you're using Visualizer in, have multiple other tabs open, or have other applications open on your computer which may use up valuable resources:
  4. Once complete, your export will download automatically, to the default location as determined by your web browser. Choose the Download manually button if this doesn't happen, or choose Continue editing to resume editing your previous creation or Make a new video to return to the editor but start a new creation:

Visualizer controls

Mouse-over the Speaker button to expose the volume slider, or click on the peaker button to mute & unmute audio:

Click Trim to change the duration of your creation. Click on parts of the waveform to begin playback from that section of audio, or click and drag on the yellow handles to adjust the start and end points. Click and drag the duration tab between the top of the yellow handles to adjust the region that plays back between the start and end points.
Click Save when you’ve finished adjusting the duration, to save changes, or click Reset to start editing from the full, original duration:

Click Change to open Windows Explorer or macOS Finder, to select another project you’ve previously exported using Serato Studio or an alternative, compatible audio file stored on your computer, for use in Serato Visualizer.
TIP: Mouse-over Recommended social media durations to see recommended durations that are suitable for sharing on various social media platforms:

In the sidebar, enhance your visuals by clicking on the following categories:



Choose from millions of royalty-free videos, gifs, and photos, and apply them as the background to your visuals.
Use your own search terms to filter background visuals, or use the Gallery button to select from predetermined filters that return results aligned with the style of your music production:

You may also upload local files from your computer, using the + Upload button, which opens Windows Explorer or macOS Finder windows, allowing you to utilize the following file types:

  • GIF
  • MP4
  • MOV
  • MPEG
  • PNG

Finally, a text to image generator is available, allowing you to use DALL-E 2 powered AI image generation, by entering text descriptions. Click Text to image, type your description, then click Generate image. Once the image has been generated, click on the resulting image to apply it, or choose Download image to save the generated image as a local file.

NOTE: This feature is only available to Serato Studio license holders, and is experimental, meaning there may be outages during peak usage.



Apply overlaid text to your visuals, in a variety of styles, colors, alignments, and fonts.

Once selected, click on the Start typing… overlay, then type your desired text. Use the Delete button to remove any typed text, or click the Done button once you’ve entered your text.
Click and drag on the circular top-most handle to rotate your text, or click the four square handles to increase or decrease the size of your text.

Click on the Edit button to enter new text in the same object, or click on the object, then drag and release to adjust its position:

Use the Font, Color, Align, or Style sections to further modify your text. Use the + Add text button to add additional text objects, while clicking on a previous text object will allow you to make retrospective changes to existing text objects.

Logo + Stickers


Add logo & stickers in the form of GIFs or still images, to your visuals. Choose from the preset filters to see objects based on your own descriptions, or select a preset filter to return specific results.

Once you’ve chosen a logo or sticker, click and drag on the circular top-most handle to rotate your text, or click the four square handles to increase or decrease the size of your text.
Click on the Flip button to horizontally invert the object, or choose Delete to remove the object.
Click on the object, then drag and release to adjust its position:

NOTE: Serato content is royalty-free, however GIPHY provided content may not be cleared for commercial use.

Alternatively, choose your own logo from a local file on your computer, by clicking the Upload Logo button, which opens a Windows Explorer or macOS Finder window, allowing you to select a file type as specified below:

  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • PNG



Select effects to treat and enhance your visuals, then adjust presets, parameters, and apply them to your entire creation, or just specific elements.

Choose an effect, then toggle Audio reactive to allow effects to change based on your file’s audio frequency content or Intensity to apply more or less of the effect, then use the Apply to checkboxes to apply that effect to your choice of Visualizer layers.
Click the Lock icon to prevent the effect from being overwritten, particularly if applying a subsequent effect.
With some effects, an additional effect preset can also be selected:

NOTE: Two effects can be applied per visual, however not all effects allow you to change all the parameters specified above.

Supported browsers

Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome are the currently recommended & officially supported web browsers, and we recommend using the latest versions of each application.