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Serato support - How to access self-service

If you've submitted a help request with our Support team, you may be experiencing a delay while waiting for a reply. If this is your experience, we apologize for this potential inconvenience and greatly appreciate any patience you can afford us

The longer wait is likely due to higher than expected volumes, and while we acknowledge this can be very frustrating, we would please kindly ask that you refrain from creating multiple follow-up tickets, as this can cause further delays.
If you have received an automated email from us advising we're waiting for a response from you, please check your spam or junk mail folders.

Many issues & inquiries can be resolved while waiting for a ticket to be answered, two of which are detailed below.

Please first consider the following self-service options:

  1. Our Serato Help Center, where you can search for issues detailed in articles - this very article is hosted here. You can either search in the Help Center search field or manually navigate through the different categories based on the different Serato products:

    Use the 'search all help articles' field, then click Search (the example below shows "connection" being searched):

    Or click through the categories by product:
  2. Our Serato Customer Service chatbot, where you can converse with a conversational chatbot to get answers and feedback around certain questions, which can be accessed on various pages on (found in the bottom right-hand corner):

Both of these options may help you discover the answers to the following common issues & inquiries (simply search for the keywords below):

  • Connection (including drivers, firmware, and tips for troubleshooting why your hardware won't connect to Serato software)
  • Performance (including drop-outs, crashing, freezing, and hangs)
  • Compatibility (including operating system, software version, and hardware support)
  • DVS, Recording, and hardware / audio set-up & configuration
  • Library (including file types, missing files, Apple music / iTunes set-up, backing-up, restoring or moving your library, using external storage, or using Streaming services)
  • Licensing (including activation, deactivation, and what licenses you may need with your specific Serato-hardware)