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Pitch 'n Time Pro & LE 3.1.0 - now with native Apple Silicon support

Pitch 'n Time Pro & LE 3.1.0 are now supported natively when used with macOS computers with Apple Silicon, using the latest versions of Pro Tools & Logic Pro

Download the latest versions of Pitch 'n Time Pro & LE (3.1.0), below:

Both plugins are a Universal App, so whether you're using an Intel or Apple Silicon-based Mac, you should automatically utilize the appropriate version of the plugin when launching Pitch 'n Time Pro or LE 3.1.0 in both Pro Tools & Logic Pro.

Installing the latest version of either plugin should replace the existing version on your Mac, but for those who had previously used the Rosetta 2 emulation layer with previous Pitch 'n Time Pro & LE builds, you will need to now disable this preference to ensure you are using the native, Apple Silicon version.

NOTE: Users who have other plugins that require the Rosetta 2 emulation layer should leave the preference below enabled, and disable it only after other dependencies are resolved.

To do this, use the following steps:

  1. Close Pro Tools or Logic Pro if open
  2. Right-click on the Pro Tools or Logic Pro icon under mac HD > Applications, then choose Get Info
  3. Ensure the Open Using Rosetta checkbox is disabled
    NOTE: If you've just installed Pitch 'n Time Pro or LE 3.1.0 on macOS, we strongly recommend you restart your computer, before using it for the first time.