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Why do I only see 8 drums in my Drum Kits?

Serato Studio 1.7.0 and above now supports the use of up to 16 pads in the Sample, Drum, Instrument, and Plugin decks. Some of the Drum Kits offered via our Soundpacks now contain 16 drums in a single kit as opposed to the 8 in previous versions. 

These packs will need to be redownloaded and reinstalled in order to show the 16 Pad Drum Kit.

The following packs now have 16 Pad Drum Kits: 

(Click on the name below to be taken directly to the pack download page)

Note: The Core pack is installed with the 1.7.0 installer and does not need to be installed individually.

Soundpacks outside of those listed above do not have 16 pad Drum kit versions and will not need to be reinstalled.

If you are unable to update to Serato Studio 1.7.0 due to an incompatible operating system but wish to access Soundpacks for versions 1.6.8 and below,  please get in contact with Support here - Open a help request