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Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 Firmware update guide

Pioneer DJ's CDJ-3000s are supported for use as Official Serato Accessories, which allows the user to connect their CDJ-3000 via the HID protocol to control Serato DJ Pro software.

  • CDJ-3000's require firmware version 1.20 (or higher) alongside Serato DJ Pro 2.5.7 (or higher) installed in order to connect alongside your Serato primary hardware.

Checking the CDJ-3000 Firmware

You may have seen a pop-up in Serato DJ Pro, advising your firmware is out-of-date, which will prompt you to update, by directing you to this article. If this is the case, it's likely there is no reason to check the firmware version you have installed.

However, if you're unsure, or have found this article by other means, use the steps below to check the installed firmware on your Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000:

  1. Turn on the power of your CDJ-3000.
  2. Press and hold the [MENU / UTILITY] button and hold for over 1 second. The [UTILITY] screen is displayed.
  3. The installed firmware version is displayed on the upper right corner of the display and appears as Ver. X.XX (where x.xx is the version you have installed).
  4. Press [MENU / UTILITY] to return to the menu screen.

If you see anything older than ver.1.20 installed, please continue with the Updating the CDJ-3000 Firmware section below.

Updating the CDJ-3000 Firmware (USB storage device required)

Please follow the steps below carefully and consult with Pioneer support directly, if you are not confident or you encounter any issues, as Serato cannot be held responsible for any issues that occur with your device as result.

NOTE: The steps below are adapted directly from Pioneer's own firmware update instructions, which you can find, here. You can also watch a short video below outlining the process:

Prepare your USB storage device

  1. Download and extract the latest CDJ-3000 firmware update, from Pioneer DJ software & firmware updates.
  2. Connect your USB storage device and copy the resulting CDJ3Kv***.UPD file from step 1 (where *** indicates the firmware version you are about to install) directly to the root directory of the USB storage device.
    Ensure the storage device is formatted in the FAT or FAT32 file system, as per the linked guides below:
    macOS: Erase and reformat a storage device in Disk Utility on Mac
    Windows: Create and format a hard disk partition (check the To format an existing partition (volume) steps)
    IMPORTANT: Do not change the name of the update file (check they have not been automatically renamed by your operating system) and ensure only a single update file has been copied to your USB storage device.

Install the firmware update

  1. Turn off the power of your CDJ-3000 device, and disconnect all USB cables, memory cards, SD cards & LINK cables.
  2. Turn on the power of your CDJ-3000 device, while holding the IN/CUE and RELOOP/EXIT buttons (indicated in red in the image at the bottom of this article).
    Once the display on your CDJ-3000 shows [Connect the USB storage device to the USB port] you may release the buttons.
  3. Insert your USB storage device with the firmware update files prepared, into the USB port (indicated in green in the image at the bottom of this article) of your CDJ-3000, and await the firmware update process.
  4. Do not disconnect the USB storage device, nor power off your CDJ-3000, until [Firmware update is completed. Turn the power off before using. ] appears on the display, which indicates a successful firmware update.
    Once you do observe this message, turn the power off on your CDJ-3000, and remove the USB storage device.