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How do I record from Serato DJ Pro into Serato Studio?

Using a virtual audio device in Serato DJ Pro makes it possible to record audio directly into Serato Studio, which is great for recording your scratch routines.

This is done by enabling the Make Audio Output available to Other Applications option in Serato DJ Pro, then selecting the virtual audio device used to output Serato DJ Pro, as your input device in Serato Studio.

For the vast majority of Serato-compatible hardware, this is simple and the steps below indicate how you can achieve this:

  1. Connect your Serato-compatible hardware, then open Serato DJ Pro
  2. Open Setup --> Audio, and enable Make Audio Output Available to Other Applications
  3. If you haven't already, install the Serato Virtual Audio (macOS), iShowU (macOS with Serato DJ Pro 2.5.1 or earlier), or Virtual Audio Cable (Windows) device by following the on-screen prompts, or refer to the Installing the VAD section from our Getting Serato DJ Pro Ready to Live stream article for more detailed instructions.
  4. Open Serato Studio, and under Setup --> Audio --> Audio Input, choose the virtual audio device from step 3 above.
  5. Click on Song view, or press Shift + ` on your keyboard to reveal the Song view panel, then click Add Audio to add an audio track, then in the Recording panel, choose Stereo Input 1/2 or Mono Input 1, then click the Record Arm button or press \ on your keyboard.
  6. Now switch back to Serato DJ Pro, check your scratches are not causing the recording input in Serato Studio to clip, and perform your scratches & cuts, remember to click Record Arm or press \ on your keyboard to finish recording. 
    TIP: If you do notice clipping or distortion, adjust the Master Output Level in Serato DJ Pro. 

NOTE: With some Serato-compatible hardware, you may find that any music you have playing in Serato Studio, is also recorded alongside your scratches. To prevent this from occurring, ensure your Serato Studio output is not the same device as the Serato-compatible hardware you are using to perform the scratches in Serato DJ Pro.

In Serato Studio, navigate to Setup --> Audio --> Audio Output, then select an output device that is different from the one you're using to perform your scratches with. We recommend setting your computer's internal soundcard as the output device, or a secondary external soundcard if one is available.

  • On macOS choose Built-in Output
  • On Windows choose Speakers / Headphones
  • Both macOS and Windows if available, choose your secondary external soundcard
    (our example below is using a Scarlett 2i2 USB)

Please remember that you may need to manually increase the volume of this output device so it's audible above your scratches, and the 'backing track' in Serato Studio will not output via your Serato-compatible hardware.