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Roland DJ-707M Firmware update guide

Please note the instructions below are adapted from Roland's guide via their website:

Follow the steps carefully and consult with Roland support directly, if you are not confident, as Serato cannot be held responsible for any issues that occur with your device as result.

NOTE: It's extremely important you do not power off your device or disconnect it from your computer while performing the steps below.

  1. Download the System Program file from the DJ-707M updates & drivers page on Roland's website.
  2. Connect the DJ-707M to your computer via the USB cable into USB PORT A, then hold down the EXIT button (upper right corner of the top of the device) on your Roland DJ-707M while turning on the Power.
  3. In macOS Finder or Windows Explorer, navigate to the Roland disk then copy the DJ-707M_C0A_up_V103.bin file from the dj707m_sys_v103 folder (from step 1 above), into the Roland disk.
  4. Disconnect the USB cable from your DJ-707M, and wait for the update to complete. Update finished. Turn off the power will appear in the display on your DJ-707M, at this point you can turn the power of your DJ-707M off and on again to complete the update.