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Roland DJ-808 Driver installation guide (macOS)

Please note the instructions below are adapted from Roland's guide via their website, and are for macOS computers:

Follow the steps carefully and consult with Roland support directly, if you are not confident, as Serato cannot be held responsible for any issues that occur with your device as result.

  1. Ensure your Roland DJ-808 is not connected to your computer via the USB cable, and remove any other non-essential connected USB devices.
  2. Download the appropriate macOS driver from Roland's website.
  3. Double-click on the .tgz file in your Downloads folder, and then double-click on the .pkg file inside the resulting DJ808USBDriver folder.
  4. Follow the steps in the Roland driver installer wizard, clicking Continue through the prompts and allowing the installer to access your Downloads folder, as well as entering your user password where needed. If a message regarding System Extension blocked appears, choose OK. Finally, choose Restart once the installation is complete.

If you are installing a Roland driver for the first time on your macOS computer, or are using macOS 10.15 or lower, you will also need to allow the driver to be used by your computer after you restarted in step 4 above. This must be done within 30 minutes of the steps above, or you will need to restart the process.

  • Connect your Roland DJ-808 to your computer via the USB cable, and power it on.
  • Open System Preferences --> Security & Privacy --> General, then enter your user password after clicking Click the lock to make changes in the lower-left corner.
  • Next to System software from developer "Roland Corporation" was blocked from loading. click Allow

For more detailed steps on allowing drivers to be loaded on macOS, please read our macOS High Sierra 10.13, macOS Mojave 10.14, macOS Catalina 10.15 & macOS 11 Big Sur driver install process article.