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Sign in to Serato DJ Lite

Sign-in to Serato DJ Lite to get the most from Serato DJ Lite, and also to activate and enable the use of the Serato Play expansion pack (learn more about this in our Using Serato Play with Serato DJ Lite article).

  1. Download and install Serato DJ Lite.
  2. Open Serato DJ Lite, and when presented with the What’s New window, click ‘Sign-in’.
  3. Once you’re redirected to, use your account details to finish the login process - then click ‘Sign in’. If you’re already signed in to, you’ll be prompted to confirm the currently signed in user is correct - to which you can click ‘Continue’, or ‘Change user’ to change to a different account.
    Once sign-in in your browser is complete, confirm the dialog box that appears in your browser window, that Serato DJ Lite is authorised to use these login credentials.

    NOTE: On some web browsers the dialog box to allow access to your account, and return you to Serato DJ Lite, may differ from what is pictured.